4 artists, 2 caravans + 1 bicycle

Throughout January, four artists will be at work in the centre of Bicheno to share their art with locals and visitors alike.

Wanda Round is a contemporary art project, with sound based installation, painting, drawing and illustration. Artists include Anita Bacic, Jennifer Tyers, Louisa Jenkinson and Rose Turtle Ertler.

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Anita Bacic

Anita’s work explores old and new media, with a focus on interactive experiences. Anita founded Wanda Round to take art onto the streets to engage with people on a one to one basis. Her works encourage curiosity, participation, personal connections and self-reflection that in turn can potentially challenge our perceptions and how we see and interpret the world around us. At Wanda Round she will be presenting works relating to the pinhole camera of the first Wanda Round in January 2020.

Jennifer Tyers

Jennifer Tyers is a Tasmanian artist who has travelled and lived in Malaysia, Japan, Borneo and Thailand. Her works are mainly watercolour en plein air landscapes (painting on-site and outdoors). However, she also makes acrylic paintings and hand bound books and illustration. At Wanda Round Jennifer will work on a large mural depicting the landscape and characters of Bicheno.

Louisa Jenkinson

Louisa Jenkinson is an artist and Applied Thinker living in Bicheno. She has exhibited extensively in Melbourne through sculpture, drawing and installation. Prior to moving to Tasmania, her large-scale drawings investigated the relationship between victim, perpetrator and spectator. At Wanda Round, Louisa will present the Department of Applied Thinking and its explorations of the connections provided by the nonsensical.

Rose Turtle Ertler

Rose’s community art works aim to challenge misinformed stereotypes of groups of people living in our community through creative projects with varied outcomes. Her work often features ‘real’ voices from the community through conversational style recordings presented in thoughtful and creative contexts. At Wanda Round, Rose will host her Complimentary Caravan and will record Bicheno specific compliments to add to her collection from previous Complimentary Caravan projects.